V & A

An Introduction to the ACJ'S 2006 Conference: Carry the Can

Saturday 11th February 2006: 11am – 1pm
Lecture Theatre
V&A, Cromwell Road,
London, SW7 2RL

The Association for Contemporary jewellery (ACJ) in collaboration with London Metropolitan University will present a series of speakers showing and visiting Collect 2006. This event aims to introduce subjects that will be developed through the ACJ conference Carry the Can, to be held in London 5 – 8th July 2006. The main purpose of the conference is inform and debate issues around value and values – ecological, ethical and sustainability developments and legacies. These issues will be considered against the backdrop of craft practice and practitioner responsibility and will aim to identity ways in which makers, designers and artists and contributing to the global debate.

1100 start
Introduction to conference
Heidi Yeo

Monica Gaspar,curator and art historian, (Barcelona, 1973)
(re)collections : on gathering and discarding
Art and design historian and free-lance curator. Lectures and writings on jewellery and other artefacts in their position between art and design at several schools and institutions in Austria, England, Finland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the Philippines. Curator of the exhibition Nomad Room. (Design Museum, CCB, Lisbon, 2005) and Inner Luxury. International Contemporary Jewellery (Caixaforum, Barcelona, 2003) among others. In 2001 she received the Design Award Premi Ciutat de Barcelona. She is a member of the AICA (Association Internationale de Critiques d’Art) and the association Think Tank (European Initiative for the Applied Arts). She is also a member of FAD (Fostering of Arts and Design), where she also holds the post of vice-president of the jewellery association OrfebresFAD.

Manuel Vilhena, Jeweller, Portugal
‘Manuel Vilhena likes to use everything and anything that crosses his visual or intellectual horizons and transform it into jewels. An aura of ingenuity allied with an ongoing playfulness - often childlike, sometimes critical and mature - is at the core of his work. His pieces have to be worn, for he addresses the body in the same way as a painter addresses the canvas’
Ozra Kallian. 2004

Nikki Stott and Tobie Kerridge: BioJewellery, UK
‘The aim of Biojewellery is to strike up a range of relationships with an audience over the issues that surround biotechnology, tissue engineering in particular. The collaboration is between a core team of a bioengineer and two designers. Our backgrounds, interests and previous work provide this collaboration with some unusual features, which we hope will engage an audience in an exciting way’

Elizabeth Callinicos, Jeweller UK
What will archaeologists be digging up and discovering in 1000 years time? What will the artefacts that we leave behind tell about us and the times in which we live now? Our everyday lives, the issues that concern us, the materials and technologies that we use and by which we are surrounded, our cultures, communities, social customs and politics – our earth and our world….’
Elizabeth will introduce the members’ Exhibition for the conference: it’s origins and concerns.

Panel discussion and questions